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What is AFK Snipe? AFK, which stands for "Away From Keyboard" unveils the most potent trading solution for Ethereum users and aspires to become the leading Sniper bot on Telegram. AFK SNIPE IS THE MOST ADVANCED AND SECURED TRADING BOT FOR USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE ON TELEGRAM -Take Profit You can select your Take profit % target. -Stop Loss You can select your Stop loss % target. -Anti-Mev Protect your trades and outsmart sandwich attacks. -Anti-Rug Safeguard your investments and outsmart fraudulent projects. Revenue Share Model The AFK Sniper Bot introduces a revenue-sharing program that enables token holders to earn 80% of the fees paid to the bot. To participate, simply hold a minimum of 50,000 $AFK tokens in your wallet. All eligible wallets will qualify, with snapshots taken randomly during the week. On each Sunday, profits will be distributed to users in proportion to their holdings. Please be aware that users who sell their tokens after the snapshot won't be eligible for revenue sharing.
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