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AIMAGE is a decentralized Web3 protocol based on artificial intelligence technology. AIMAGE is built on top of the Ethereum main network and will be compatible with other Ethereum type blockchain networks through cross chain technology in the future. It hopes to build a universal artificial intelligence tool to provide AI services for users of these blockchain networks, thereby helping users better experience Web3 content and services on different platforms. MAGE is the only token of the AIMAGE ecosystem and the most important core element in its economic system, mainly serving the following functions: PURCHASE AIMAGE SERVICES All paid AIMAGE services used by users in the Web3 world need to be paid using MAGE; ESTABLISH MAGE NODE Users can establish nodes by pledging MAGE, which will serve as part of the artificial intelligence services. The node owner can charge a certain fee; COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE AIMAGE is a decentralized organization, and all community proposals need to be resolved by destroying the MAGE
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