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What is the project about? AlphaRushAI is a one-stop source of curated alpha and market intelligence by our analysts and AI: - JennaAI a native AI that provides direct value to the traders by chat, hold2use model. - Squawkbox , which provides alpha inspiration, live and past event analysis curated by JennaAI. - Trade bot which will be used to trade a future treasury. What makes your project unique? Due to our in-house proprietary NLP search model, we are one of the best AI trading assistant available. With our trained AI models we are working on improving responses and quality of response. History of your project. AlphaRushAI has three main co-founders, AlphaSwan who is an sucessful ex-prop trader, Porco who was ex-marketing at and LegalGM , an international crypto lawyer. What’s next for your project? We are currently improving our in-house NLP model to add to JennaAI all the trading knowledge necessary. What can your token be used for? Our jennaAI is currently available for holders on our Discord. Early version of squawkbox is available on the website app.
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