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APass is a membership-based experience center, which integrates DIDs, quests, level up system, market and GameFi. We try to use the traditional economics logic to create a self-balancing token $APC from mining to consumption, Have been purchased DIDs domains, you will have APass membership, so that you can mint APC, bond your icon, social media accounts etc, and complete various interesting quests on Apter to earn rewards and level up. Members can trade various assets on UniBazaar with other members for free. APC can be used as tokens on APortal game center. War Of Apter, which is online now, is a pixelate market prediction betting game. In future plans, more games will be GameFi and launch on APass eco: 1. BallHunters, a multi-player battle royal 2. SangoSamurai, a single-player strategy game We emphasize that a healthy eco development and community building. We provide MOVE ecosystem a reliable Oracle service - AOracle, open-source SDK and tools, design quests for partners to increase user activities, grow with other ecosystems together.
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