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DRUGS is for players who want to “shape the future of the game” providing feedback on how the game should evolve. Players can stake $DRUG, play the game and also be part of what direction the game should take in the future. Players use $DRUG to purchase BlockZ and will be able to earn $DRUG as they play, and drug activity operations are carried at their BlockZ. $DRUG can also be used to improve the stats of BlockZ through ""BlockZ Improvements”, by adding more buildings, landmarks, etc. Players will also be able to earn $DRUG when they carry out their drug operations, win battles or complete other activities in the game. Players can stake $DRUG by locking a certain amount of the currency in the in-game bank. By ""staking"" , players earn extra $DDZ, $DRUG, Land Improvement options and other rewards. Stakers will be in any case required to play to earn or claim rewrds. $DRUG staking is aimed to keep the players engaged in the entire game universe. $DRUG stakers will at the end of the day decide on feature additions or could, against certain decisions, they'll eventually help manage the use of the game treasury. Whereas $DDZ has an unlimited supply, $DRUG will have a capped supply. Reference being governance tokens in other experiences like Axie Infinity. $DRUG will also be redistributed to the community treasury.
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