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LunaFi is the DeFi betting protocol where you become the house. By harnessing the power of the decentralized technologies, community governance, and autonomous smart contracts — we allow users to securely place peerless bets in a trustless, non-custodial gambling platform that is set to revolutionize the global sports betting industry by allowing the player to invest and become the house. To facilitate this, we provide a complete multichain DeFi platform designed to enable the integration of sports betting and prediction markets, powered by a community-owned liquidity pool known as a House Pool. This suite can be integrated by developers looking to add peerless betting functionalities to their dApps — the first of which will be LunaFi’s own dApp, Lunabets, a decentralized sports book application. In turn, these dApps empower individuals and communities with safe and equitable gambling experiences, operating on a secure infrastructure layer that is transparent, cannot be influenced by centralized entities, where odds are autonomously optimized in line with the market and all outcomes are verifiable on-chain.