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MetaGameHub DAO is a hub for open metaverse experiences. MGH is engaged in populating & monetizing LANDs, building games on them and creating unique experiences for communities around the globe. MGH solves multiple problems the NFT and Metaverse space is currently facing by: * A valuation algorithm to estimate the fair price of Metaverse LANDs combined with a user-friendly interface to evaluate LANDs * Creating state-of-the-art metaverse experiences in form of community hubs, games, events and more... * Offering the dcl-editor that makes building in Decentraland a children’s game * A Chainlink Oracle to push valuation data on-chain MGH is the native utility token of the DAO and it is used... * as a medium of exchange for services within MGH’s ecosystem * for staking linked to revenue-backed network rewards * to participate in the governance of the MGH DAO How does MGH's token model work? MGH has a long-term revenue-backed burning and staking model which rewards token holders and stakers due to its deflationary nature. When a user pays for services and experiences using $MGH, 40% is burned and 60% distributed as staking rewards. When the user pays with other accepted currencies, 30% is distributed to the MGH treasury and the rest is swapped for MGH tokens (creating buying pressure) and subsequently burned and distributed as staking rewards.