The Rug Game

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Welcome to The Rug Game TRG is the core governance token of the rug game & will exist beyond the current 10 letter game and all future games. On top of this, there are 10 game tokens. $T $H $E $R $U $G $G* $A $M $E* The 10 tokens above have a 4% tax. 1% buys & burns CULT, 1% which buys & burns TRG, 1% game token sent to burn wallet & 1% which is collected by a contract & held in ETH. All of these tokens launched on January 6th 2023. Between every 30-60 days from these tokens launch or the previous rug, the token which has burnt the least amount numerically of the gaming token, CULT , and TRG is eliminated, and the liquidity is rugged automatically. Any ETH left from the LP at the time of the rug will auto buyback TRG and send it to the TRG DAO & stakers. At the time the token with the least burns rugs, the 1% ETH collected of every other community token is sent as ETH rewards to the winning community tokens holders. A communities corruption can be their saviour. Any wallet can stake & any wallet that holds TRG or CULT can offer a bribe to the DAO. If a wallet sacrifices their TRG or CULT, they can allocate that amount of “points” to a game token of their choosing.