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Tokerr is the one-stop ecosystem with a singular goal – to create safety, security and accessibility for DeFi investors. All the Tokerr utilities and dapps have been carefully envisioned prioritizing the investors, and trying to fix unique problems that plague DeFi, from the ground up. TOKERR FACTORY: The first place that safety begins, is with the developers themselves. The Tokerr Factory utilities create safe developers so that investors feel safe. Tokerr Deployer Bot: The Tokerr Deployer Bot is an easy- to-use multichain telegram bot and dapp through which users with even little or no experience of coding can launch tokens within minutes, on various chains. The bot is designed so that developers cannot add any malicious functions or create any malicious code. TokerrLocker: A multichain, safe, liquidity locker with a verified locker contract, not hidden behind any proxies. The Tokerr Locker is completely secure and affordable. Tokerr Safe Certificate: A non-transferrable NFT certificate will be automatically awarded to every token launched through the Tokerr Deployer Bot, on deployment. This serves a permanent guarantee of contract safety on the blockchain. Tokerr Deployer Channel: A Telegram channel where every single token that launches through the Tokerr Deployer Bot is instantly posted, with all the relevant information that an investor needs to see before investing, as well as the Tokerr Safe Certificate awarded to that contract.